Did Gold follow political tensions or economic data?

In fact, the upcoming economic data from the United States in its entirety is not the driving force for gold soars high

It is acceptable to some extent, especially with the credibility that goes by the alleviation programs of quantitative easing.

But on the other hand not forget that gold is still a safe haven, especially with political tensions accompanying the Ukrainian crisis has noticed the effect of activating the U.S. President to apply the maximum penalties on companies and personalities Russian

The impact of the piece of luck on the FTS Eurofirst 300 index of major European shares

And also shares shares after the Austrian Raiffeisen Bank stressed that the European Union and United States sanctions it … in fact, the effect of the application of these sanctions on Russia has a significant economic impact on companies and direct and influential people

On the other hand, we find that on a technical level the steadfastness of Gold at the level of 1290 and not breaking it is a positive as we await the pivot higher in 1327 to be a more positive image

And it is consistent with my vision to see that puts the level of 1290 and build above is the only condition for achieving the level of 1347, and then the level of 1366

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