Dubai Gold Price Slump DH 4 Within Two Weeks

UAE Gold Rate

Gold prices in Dubai today recorded a drop of between Dhs1.25 and Dhs1.25 per gram of various gold weights this week, recording a drop of Dhs10 in one month, according to international gold prices and gold prices in Dubai.

Dubai gold prices are Dh 147.763 for 24-karat and 22-karat can be bought for Dh135.75.

Limited demand for jewelry and jewelry in the gold markets

The markets witnessed a very limited action last week in the demand for buying new products, supported by the price declines, which continue for the second week in a row, the declines recorded by gold prices yesterday, are minor and therefore have limited repercussions in the markets, Significant reductions in purchasing

Most of the purchases were made on small pieces and on the 18-carat gold bars, the lowest price among the caliber

Gold and jewelry traders said the markets were finally dominated by calm and limited sales indicators for all types of jewelery and jewelry, although the yellow metal continued to record recent price declines, citing calm to the absence of demand catalysts such as seasons and events, summer season.

AED 4 decline in the price of grams of gold within two weeks

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