Gold rises from the lowest price in 4 months

Gold rose Thursday after a recovery in Chinese stock prices, which led to allay fears of a broader country which is a major consumer of the metal disorder.

Gold was also affected after minutes from the latest meeting of the Federal Reserve, which refers to be careful of raising interest rates in the near term

At 09:20 GMT, spot gold price rose 0.5% to $ 1163.50 an ounce (an ounce), while US gold futures fell in August 60 delivery cents an ounce to $ 1162.90.

The metal hit its lowest level since mid-March, earlier this week, when it stood at 1146.75 dollars an ounce, which is only a few dollars on the level of technical support is important when the lowest price this year.

And increased silver in spot transactions 1.6% to $ 15.37 an ounce.

And palladium rose 0.7% to $ 655.50 an ounce, after falling Wednesday to its lowest level since June 2013.

Platinum rose 0.5% to $ 1034.74 an ounce, after that came down Wednesday to the lowest price since February 2009.

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