The Most Powerful 6 Cryptocurrency For Trading And Investment

In the first half of this year, Cryptocurrency was widely recognized in the first half of 2017, and the demand for it has quadrupled even though it is not subject to a central bank or cash authority.

Cryptocurrency value has exceeded $ 100 billion and the past few months have witnessed new Cryptocurrency market flows. We believe that the market value of $ 100 billion is only the first step towards the $ 1 trillion market value. A good strategy to achieve this growth is to invest in the largest multi-billion dollar Cryptocurrency on the market’s weighted average.

Bitcoin BTC

The world’s largest Cryptocurrency in terms of volumes, where Bitcoin has seen a stunning year, with the value of this month’s $ 4,000 increase. It is the first decentralized currency and is fully managed by its users and has been supported by many websites and electronic stores characterized by the rapid spread and ease of mining through computers, which is important for conversion speed and low fees.


Is the second largest and best digital Cryptocurrency for investment in terms of size and market value and caused a stir worldwide as the etherium jumped during the first five months of this year from $ 10 to more than $ 400 per unit. It has grown exponentially and has been adopted by many technology companies such as Microsoft and others. The most important characteristic of the etherium is that the plucchin is not designed to be a propulsion system such as Bitcoin but a decentralized solution package that enables applications to operate without a server.

Etherium Classic ETC

After the segregation of the etherium community in July of last year 2016, the Citroen Classic coin was created as a miniaturized version of the currency, according to its original decentralized value. Since then, this digital currency has strengthened its position as an investment option in itself. Given the volume of trading, the Etherium Classic coin has half the size of the etherium in the market. Where it ranked sixth on the list of electronic currencies in terms of market value, which amounted to 14 million dollars during the last simple period and if the currency is supported in this way will occupy the third place in the early after the Etherum.


Cryptocurrency developed in the light of privacy and speed of transactions and achieved great success. Dash shows a great deal of liquidity, has faster processing times than peers, and implements new ways to protect the privacy of its users. Provide greater economic freedom to its users and you can transfer money anywhere and anyone who has a portfolio can not track or block these transfers by other parties and is expected to open a new world of trading opportunities for this currency.

Light Queen LTC

Lithoquine is the latest Cryptocurrency emerging in the digital currency market and has emerged as an evolutionary infrastructure for Bitcoin. Litcoin took the lead earlier this year when it implemented a new update, enabling it to reduce processing time, and may be applied by other currencies in the future.

Ripple XRP

Is the most comprehensive denomination of the digital currency in exchange sites and the currency exchange and its symbol XRP. The digital currency is one of the most important and most popular digital currencies in the world, ranking third in terms of liquidity where money flows freely. A ripple currency network has been created to allow the smooth and easy transfer of any form of currency, whether it be the dollar, the pound, the yen, or the betcuene. With the testimony of many economists, time is the only factor in rising prices in the near future and is likely to replace banks in the future in terms of the speed and ease of remittances.

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